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Healthy Lifestyles

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Lifestyle is an important driver of health outcomes.  A healthy diet, being active, not smoking, stopping smoking, not drinking too much alcohol and maintaining a healthy body weight are all proven ways to stay healthy and avoid many health problems. Increasing the numbers of people who have healthier lifestyles would have major impacts on the health and wellbeing of people living in Blackpool. People in our more deprived population groups are more likely not to have a healthy lifestyle and this contributes to the health inequality experienced by these groups.

This section describes the ‘big four’ lifestyles of physical activity, smoking, healthy eating and alcohol consumption, as well as adult obesity in Blackpool.

 Healthwatch Blackpool has conducted a Substance Misuse Consultation (March 2016) with clients of drug and alcohol treatment services within Blackpool.  They asked:

    • What in your opinion is helping you in your recovery?

    • What in your opinion isn’t helping in your recovery?

    • What do you feel would help you in your recovery that you aren’t receiving now?