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Summary Health Profile

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Public Health England produce an annual Blackpool Local Authority Health Profile. It is designed to help local government and health services understand their community's needs, so that they can work together to improve people's health and reduce health inequalities.

LA profile 2019

The Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) Healthy lives, healthy people: Improving outcomes and supporting transparency sets out a vision for public health, desired outcomes and indicators that will help us understand how well public health is being improved and protected

The framework concentrates on two high-level outcomes to be achieved across the public health system, and groups further indicators into four ‘domains’ that cover the full spectrum of public health. The outcomes reflect a focus not only on how long people live, but on how well they live at all stages of life.

The Public Health Outcome Framework - indicators at a glance shows the current picture for Blackpool compared to England and any recent changes.