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The early years are critical in shaping health and wellbeing later in life.  Improving outcomes for children, families and communities, as well as creating services that provide better access and experience are essential.  Giving every child the best start in life is crucial to reducing health inequalities across the life course.

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0-4 Years of Age

 The Public Health England National Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network Knowledge Hub (early years) also contains resources relating to the health and wellbeing of children and young people, and maternal health. It includes key reports and policies, latest research, guidance, case studies, tools, events and news.

A Better Start

A Better Start Blackpool aims to improve the life chances of babies and very young children by delivering a significant increase in the use of preventative approaches in pregnancy and first three years of life. Big Lottery Fund has invested £215m over 10 years  in five local area partnerships within Blackpool,  Bradford, Lambeth, Nottingham and Southend on Sea. 

The Better Start Partnership in Blackpool has been awarded £45 million, led by the NSPCC, the inclusive partnership is made up of the Local Authority, Clinical Commissioning Group, Blackpool Hospital Teaching Trust, Police and the Community. It brings together local families, communities, and agencies from across public, private and voluntary sectors. 

Initially, A Better Start Blackpool is focussing in the seven wards where communities face the greatest challenges:  Bloomfield, Brunswick, Claremont, Clifton, Park, Talbot and Victoria. As we learn what works in these wards, the partnership will invest further local funds in replicating effective programs and services across the whole town, leaving a lasting legacy for Blackpool.