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Employee Earnings

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Employee Earnings


The Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE), is the Office for National Statistics most detailed and comprehensive source of information on how much workers earn through employment and includes:

    • Overall levels of earnings - for both full-time and part-time employees and for gender
    • The make-up of total earnings - split between basic pay and other components like overtime
    • The range of earnings - from lowest to highest earners

The headline earning figure reported is the median gross weekly pay for full-time employees. This is the middle income in an area with approximately half earning more and half earning less than the figure.

ASHE does not include earnings for the self-employed as it is based on a 1% sample of all registered employees in the United Kingdom.

Facts and Figures

2018 Position - Residents

For residents of Blackpool, working for any employer, the 2018 release highlights:

    • Median pay of full-time employees resident in Blackpool is £442 per week, compared to £575 for England
    • Blackpool residents in employment have the second lowest gross weekly earnings in the UK
    • Median pay increased from 2017 by 2.7% in Blackpool, the same as England as a whole

Figure 1 - Median Weekly Pay Gross - All UK Authorities - Resident Employees

Source: Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE)

2018 Position - Workplace

For individuals, employed by Blackpool workplaces:

    • Median pay of individuals employed full-time in Blackpool is £473, compared to £575 for England
    • Compared to the Residents earnings the data suggests the highest earners commute into Blackpool from outside the town. This is typical of large urban employment centres