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Eye Health and Sight Loss

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Lancashire and South Cumbria Eye Health and Sight Loss JSNA May 2019    pdf   (1,093 KB)

RNIB Sight Loss Data pack Blackpool    pdf  (495 KB)


Almost two million people in the UK are living with sight loss that has a significant impact on their daily lives. Furthermore, the number of people living with sight loss is anticipated to increase over the coming decade and it is therefore important, when planning for local support and preventative services, that the needs of people with sight loss and those at risk of losing their sight are understood.

Locally, there was a recognised need for intelligence to support a better understanding of eye health and sight loss in Lancashire and South Cumbria and in March 2018, a proposal for a thematic JSNA for eye health was approved.

Stakeholders from more than 20 organisations and from all sectors across Lancashire and South Cumbria came together in June 2018 to give their input into the scope and goals for the project, and the project team, led by Stuart Clayton – CEO, Galloway's Society for the Blind, initiated the work.

This report presents the key findings and intelligence from this multi-agency project, along with the priority issues and some strategic recommendations for action to improve eye health and prevent sight loss in the Lancashire and South Cumbria area. The RNIB Sight Loss Data pack for Blackpool is also available, which provides information about blind and partially sighted people and those at risk of sight loss at a local level. In addition, there is a wealth of data and intelligence relating to eye health on the Lancashire Insight web pages – the online home of the Lancashire JSNA. To access all the related material please visit Lancashire Insight.