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Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

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Blackpool Health and Wellbeing Board has a statutory duty to complete a pharmaceutical needs assessment (PNA). The PNA seeks to identify those local health needs which could be met by the provision of pharmaceutical services.  Partner organisations across the pan Lancashire region, made up of Blackpool, Lancashire and Blackburn with Darwen Health and Wellbeing Boards, came together to work on an updated Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment.  This assessment was published in October 2022.

NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB) took on delegated responsibility for the commissioning of NHS pharmaceutical and local pharmaceutical services from NHS England on the 1 July 2022. The ICB will therefore be using the PNA in order to determine routine applications under the NHS Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Regulations 2013, as amended.

The executive summary and full PNA are available below. Please note, as the PNA is a large document, it has been split into separate chapters.

The PNA includes information on:

pharmacies in Lancashire and the services they currently provide;

relevant maps relating to Lancashire and providers of pharmaceutical services in the area;

pharmacies in neighbouring HWB areas that might affect the need for services in Lancashire; and

potential gaps in provision and likely future needs for the population of Lancashire.

pdfExecutive summary

pdfChapter 1 - Introduction

pdfChapter 2 - The process

pdfChapter 3 - Context

pdfChapter 4 - Current provision

pdfChapter 5 - Health needs and locally commissioned services

pdfChapter 6 - Population and housing


The current opening times of pharmacies can be found on the NHS Choices website.

Pharmacy Amendments

1  -  Imaan Healthcare Ltd, Talbot Rd Pharmacy, 110 Talbot Rd, FY1 1LR (Change of Ownership)

2  -  Pharmisense, 19-21 South King St, FY1 4LS (Relocation, not significant) 

3  -  Ascent (Blackpool) Ltd, 118-120 Bloomfield Rd, FY1 6JW (Change of Ownership) 

4  -  Lloyds Pharmacy, Sainsbury's, 80 Red Bank Rd, FY2 9HH (Closure)

5  -  Famevalley Ltd, HBS Pharmacy, Newton Drive Health Centre, FY3 8NX (reduction in contracted hours from 100 to 72)

6  -  Clover Health Ltd, 182 Waterloo Rd, FY4 3AD (Change of Ownership)

7  -  Whitworths, 93-99 Bloomfield Rd, FY1 6JN (Consolidation)

8  -  Whitworths, 292-294 Waterloo Rd, FY4 3AG (Consolidation)