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Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

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Consultation on the Pan-Lancashire draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022


The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) is a comprehensive assessment of the current and future pharmaceutical needs of the local population.

Blackburn with Darwen, Blackpool and Lancashire health and wellbeing boards have a statutory duty to publish a PNA every three years, under the NHS (Pharmaceutical Services and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013. The last assessment was published in March 2018 and a revised assessment must be published by October 2022.

The PNA describes the current provision of pharmaceutical services across the pan-Lancashire footprint and whether this meets the current and future needs of the area.

PNAs are used by NHS England to inform decisions regarding applications for new or changes to existing pharmaceutical services and to make decisions in the commissioning of additional services from pharmacy.

Blackburn with Darwen, Blackpool and Lancashire health and wellbeing boards are keen to hear your views on the document. Please email your feedback to: haveyoursay@lancashire.gov.uk

 The consultation will take place from Friday 1 July 2022 to Thursday 1 September 2022.

The draft PNA document can be found at:


All findings and comments will be summarised for the final PNA document. A consultation report will be included within the final PNA document. This will provide an overview of the feedback received and set out how the comments have been acted upon.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on the draft PNA.

Pan Lancashire Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018


Partner organisations across the pan Lancashire region, made up of Blackpool, Lancashire and Blackburn with Darwen local authorities, came together to work on an updated Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment.

The executive summary and full PNA are available below. Please note, as the PNA is a large document, it has been split into separate chapters.

The PNA includes information on:

    • pharmacies in Lancashire and the services they currently provide;

    • relevant maps relating to Lancashire and providers of pharmaceutical services in the area;

    • pharmacies in neighbouring HWB areas that might affect the need for services in Lancashire; and

    • potential gaps in provision and likely future needs for the population of Lancashire.

pdfExecutive summary (161 KB)

pdfChapter 1 - Introduction (311 KB)

pdfChapter 2 - The process (257 KB)

pdfChapter 3 - Context (1.0 MB)

pdfChapter 4 - Current provision (3.9 MB)

pdfChapter 5 - Health needs and locally commissioned services (2.5 MB)

pdfChapter 6 - Population and housing (302 KB)

pdfAppendices (901 KB)

Amendment to Chapter 4 – Current provision, p96 - Section 4.6.2 CCG commissioned services

Blackpool’s Minor Ailment Scheme has now closed as the NHS encourages people to buy their own medications over the counter. The scheme itself was scrutinised in 2017 and following public opinion the number of medications available on the scheme was reduced. Following guidance from NHS England, the NHS Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) closed the minor ailment scheme completely from 31 July 2018.

The removal of the scheme will not affect prescribing of over the counter items for longer term or more complex conditions or where minor illnesses are symptomatic or a side effect of something more serious. Local pharmacies can offer advice on which treatments are the best and there is a lot of information available online at www.nhs.uk as well as some useful fact sheets covering a range of minor ailments that can be downloaded from the self-care section of www.whyaande.nhs.uk

Below are the Terms of Reference of the steering group that are managing this work, the project plan monitoring progress and the communications plan.

PNA Steering Group Terms of Reference

PNA Project Plan

PNA Communications Plan

The current opening times of pharmacies can be found on the NHS Choices website.

Pharmaceutical change memos

Pharmaceutical change memos are issued for the opening or closure of pharmacies, changing of hours or when there are pharmaceutical needs assessment changes that are minor and would be relevant for granting of applications. These replace supplementary statements.

309 Well Pharmacy, 53 Highfield Rd (Supplementary Hours)

Change of Ownership Memo - Cleveleys Health Centre Pharmacy

Change of Ownership Memo - Cleveleys Pharmacy, 2 Anchorsholme Lane East

Change of Ownership Memo - Bispham Pharmacy, 119 Red Bank Road

308 Well Pharmacy, Dickson Rd (Increase in Supplementary Hours)

314 Well Pharmacy, Asda, Cherry Tree Rd (Increase in Supplementary Hours)

318 Whitworth's Chemist, Kingscote Dr, Layton (Change in Supplementary Hours)

323 Morrison's, Squires Gate (Change in Supplementary Hours)

327 Co-Operative Pharmacy, St Anne's Rd (Change in Supplementary Hours)

401 Lloyds Pharmacy, 109 Egerton Rd (Pharmacy Closure)

402 Lloyds Pharmacy, 21 South King St (Pharmacy Closure)

404 Lloyds Pharmacy, 525/527Lytham Rd (Pharmacy Closure)

35 APA Blackpool Ltd, City Learning Centre, FY3 7RW (Relocation)

38 The Prereg Training Co Ltd, Unit 2B, Premier House, FY4 4QQ (New Distance Selling Pharmacy)

39 The PreReg Training Co Ltd, Unit 2B, Premier House, FY4 4QQ (Change of Ownership)

422 Whitworth's Chemist, 292-294 Waterloo Rd (Reduction in Hours)

LPS Designation Notice - Whitegate Health Centre

42 O'Briens Pharmacy, 2 Blackpool Rd, Bispham, FY2 0HR (Relocation)