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We will make every effort to make sure that the information on the Blackpool Council website is correct and up to date. Within the extent lawfully permitted, Blackpool Council disclaims liability for any loss, damage or inconvenience that occurs as a result of you using this website or reliance upon its content. Blackpool Council provides links to other websites and these are provided for your convenience. We do not accept any responsibility for information contained in linked websites or liability arising from their use. We do not endorse or support the products or services offered by these links and we cannot guarantee that these links will work at all times.


All content of this website is copyright to Blackpool Council and its associated licensors unless otherwise stated. This content may be used for non-commercial or educational purposes without the express permission of Blackpool Council but you must include an acknowledgment to the Council. The content must not be copied, republished or redistributed for commercial purposes without the written permission of Blackpool Council and where appropriate, a licence must be agreed in line with the Reuse of Public Sector Information Regulations. All intellectual property rights arising from Blackpool Council website and its content belong to Blackpool Council and its associated licensors.

Maps and Aerial photographs

The Ordnance Survey mapping included in our website is provided by Blackpool Council under licence from the Ordnance Survey, to enable Blackpool Council to make council held public domain information available. If you wish to use mapping information for your own purpose, you must contact the Ordnance Survey for advice on the licensing, use and copyright.

Aerial maps are provided by The GeoInformation Group and are provided under a licence agreement for the sole use of Blackpool Council. Any extracts will bear the copyright notice “Cities Revealed ® copyright by The GeoInformation ® Group, 2006 and Crown Copyright © All rights reserved.” Together with the Cities Revealed ® logo. All maps and aerial photographs provided by Blackpool Council must not be included in documents produced by any one other than Blackpool Council [Third Parties] and must not be included in documents that will be sold.

If you discover any information on our website pages that you believe to be inaccurate or inappropriate, or would like further information about these statements, please email BlackpoolJSNA@blackpool.gov.uk