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Children's Strategic Needs Assessment 2015

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Childrens Needs Assessment - 2015 Data Update v1.01     pdf  (2.8 Mb)

This is the 2015 data update of the Children's Strategic Needs Assessment. This document contains data updates for 5 subject areas which are considered to provide an overall framework for assessing need:

    • Children are safe and protected from harm;
    • Vulnerable children and families in need are provided with help and support;
    • Children have a healthy start to life and maintain healthy lifestyles;
    • Children develop well and achieve expected standards or beyond at all levels;
    • Young people progress into Employment, Education or Training and aspire to reach their full potential.

The scope of this needs assessment is broad and limits analysis to establish types of need, their scale and extent in Blackpool. It includes evidence on the potential drivers, barriers or limiters of need where these are reasonable to establish. The assessment does not cover in-depth levels of service or throughput unless explicitly outlined.

The target population is largely concerned with children aged 0-17 (inclusive). It also looks at some outcome data for those up to age 24 in some cases, particularly those leaving care and those not in employment education or training as this provides evidence that indicates if Blackpool meets the needs of its children.

A key component of needs analysis is comparability. Therefore where possible all headline data is taken from the most recent national statistics release and not performance data.